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VSB is a cloud based platform that enables management of the interactions between headquarters and personnels in the field in an effective way by providing features which aims to get increase in the communication such as managing events, posts, articles, surveys, feedbacks and messaging


End-2-end OTT solution that allows to watch any content at any time with providing client applications on several platform such as Android, Apple, Web, LG and Samsung Smart TVs (will be available soon for Android TV and Apple TV)


It provides the ability to manage all notification templates from a single point, to query and control the status of sent notifications, and to define rules on notification templates to be sent with its parametric structure.


Accessing numerous payment channels with Single integration with VXPG. Your payment processes in areas such as subscription plan sales and follow-up, physical product sales, digital product sales are provided with a custom integration for you.


Managing multiple subscriptions with one account

R&DSurveyTechnical Assessment

Assessment Platform is more efficient evaluation and a measurement system for who wants to send surveys and create dynamic measurements. It provides also dimensions and role measurements with flexible formulas created on questions for helping to the companies.


Roll Call is a course attendance managing and tracking system to be used on universities. It has been already implemented for several universities inside their current app or as a standalone app.

R&DSurveyTechnical Assessment

Measures and compares the development of teams within the organization with dimensions.


It is an analytics platform that collecting, calculating and reporting of Audio player and Video player data.